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Plexi Clock sm.jpg (118892 bytes)

Here's a picture of a clock I made with clear mirror and a purple mirror interior. Click on it to see a larger view

It's hard to take a picture of mirror I had to take it at an angle, but I think you can see that by using the acrylic sheets you can create projects that are different

You really can use the acrylic on almost every pattern that calls for wood.

Acrylic Sheets

  • We stock acrylic sheets in many styles and colors

  • All pieces measure 12" x 24" (+/- 1/8") actual size is about 11 7/8" x 23 7/8" to allow for blade width when cutting the full sheets

  • We Only Stock & Ship This Size Sheet and Only In The Styles Listed Below

  • Many people call it Plexiglas™ but that is only one brand name of many different acrylic sheet manufactures

  • We have found that using the OLSON®  Double Skip Tooth Blades give us the best results when cutting plastics. We mainly use the # 3D & # 5D

  • A great tip for cutting acrylic sheets: All the acrylic sheets come with a protective paper or film on them, leave that paper or film on then place a layer of Duct Tape on the area to be cut (on top of the paper). Then glue your pattern on top of the Duct Tape and cut as usual. This will stop the melting you may have heard of. Using this process and a Double Skip Tooth blade we are able to cut at full speed with no melting. I would advise not to stack cut acrylic sheets more than two layers high. Any pattern designed for wood can be used with acrylic. We have used acrylic sheets to make pictures, ornaments, clocks, backgrounds etc...

Taking pictures of acrylic is extremely difficult, mirrors are the worst. The pictures below are the best we could come up with after many hours of working with many different ways to take pictures, scans, etc...  None of these pictures are exactly what the real colors look like, but it is a close resemblance.

The color samples shown below will also depend on your monitor's color settings, Everyone has them set up differently



Solid Colors

This style of Acrylic lets some light pass through but you could not see the light bulbs if they are used. Very similar to lighted Restaurant Signs.

1/8" Thick  Solid Color Acrylic  

  Stock # Color # Type Description Cost Each


Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Red Solid Out Of Stock
#901 2114 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Dark Blue Solid $9.95
#902 2108 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Green Solid Out Of Stock
#903 2037 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Yellow Solid $9.95
#904 2119 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Orange Solid Out Of Stock
#905 2025 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Black Solid Out Of Stock
#906 7328 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" White Solid Out Of Stock
#907 2648 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Light Blue Solid Out Of Stock
#908 2287 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Purple Solid Out Of Stock
 #970 3199 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Pink Solid


#972 2146 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Ivory Solid $9.95
#973 2418 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Brown Solid Out Of Stock
 #974 2447 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Frost White  Translucent Out Of Stock
#975 5040 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Light Gray Solid $9.95

1/16" Thick  Solid Color Acrylic  

  Stock # Color # Type Description Cost Each
 #995 2025 Cell Cast 1/16"x12"x24" Black Solid Out Of Stock

Backordered from factory

#996 7328 Cell Cast 1/16"x12"x24" White Solid $9.95


Transparent Colors

This style of Acrylic is like tinted window glass you can see objects through it. The color is all the way through the plastic, not just a coating on the top and bottom

This works great for sun catchers, etc...  The Clear transparent is just like plastic non-tinted glass

The color samples below maybe slightly different than the actual colors of the acrylic sheets as taking a picture of these is very difficult

1/8" Thick  Transparent Acrylic  

  Stock # Color # Type Description Cost Each


0000 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Clear Transparent Out Of Stock
#911 2423 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Red Transparent Out Of Stock
#912 2424 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Dark Blue Transparent Out Of Stock
#913 2092 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Green Transparent Out Of Stock
#914 2208 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Yellow Transparent Out Of Stock
#915   2422 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Orange Transparent Out Of Stock
#916 2064 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Gray (smoke) Transparent Out Of Stock
#917 2069 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Light Blue Transparent Out Of Stock
#918 2412 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Bronze Transparent Out Of Stock
  1/16" Thick Transparent  Acrylic    


0000 Cell Cast 1/16" x12"x24" Clear Transparent $9.95
#997 2423 Cell Cast 1/16" x12"x24" Red Transparent Out Of Stock



Fluorescent Colors

This type of acrylic is a transparent acrylic where the edges will glow a fluorescent color. This product is very unique, It collects the light in the room and makes the edges of the acrylic glow a bright fluorescent color.  We stock it in 3 different 1/8" colors.  

You may have seen clipboards made out of this product in the office supply stores

It is extremely difficult to take picture of acrylics and get them to turn out good. The real pieces of acrylic are much brighter and have more color than the picture shows

Stock # Color # Type Description Cost Each
  #990 L-116 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24"Red Fluorescent (pink red) Out Of Stock
  #991  L-032 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Orange Fluorescent Out Of Stock
  #992 L-111 Cell Cast 1/8"x12"x24" Green Fluorescent




Colored Mirrors

This type of Acrylic is colored mirrors. It has a silver coated mirror backing on it, just like regular glass mirrors. If you are using the cutting tips above DO NOT allow the tape to wrap around to the silver backing as the tape may pull the silver backing off, destroying the mirror. We stock the Colored Mirrors in 1/8" thick and the Clear Mirrors in 1/8" & 1/4". The clear mirrors are just like regular glass non tinted mirrors. The color samples below maybe slightly different than the actual colors of the acrylic sheets as taking a picture of these is very difficult. Colors will vary from computer to computer as each person has different settings on their monitors.

  Stock # Color # Type Description Cost Each
#933 1310 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Light Red Mirror

Out Of Stock

#936 1400 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Medium Red Mirror Out Of Stock
#921 2423 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Dark Red Mirror Out Of Stock
#922 2069 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Light Blue Mirror Out Of Stock
#934 2424 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Dark Blue Mirror

Out Of Stock

#935 2414 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Light Green Mirror

Out Of Stock

#923 4674 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Dark Green Mirror Out Of Stock
#924 2208 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Yellow Mirror $19.50
#925 1119 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Orange Mirror Out Of Stock
#926 1450 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Pink Mirror Out Of Stock
#927 1020 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Purple Mirror Out Of Stock
#929 7240 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Gold Mirror Out Of Stock
#930 2404 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Bronze Mirror Out Of Stock
#931 2064 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Gray (black) Mirror Out Of Stock
#932 2120 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Teal  Mirror Out Of Stock
#920 0000 Extruded 1/8"x12"x24" Clear Mirror $19.50
#960 0000 Extruded 1/4"x12"x24" Clear Mirror $25.00


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