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Brush Sets

We stock many different brush sets. Any or all of them would be great additions to your shop



     50 Piece Glue Brush Set

     This 50 piece glue brush set is a great way to spread glue. Small enough to get into small places and large enough to   spread glue quickly. 

   Set includes   25 - 3/8" brushes and 25 - 1/2" brushes

   Stock # - D2026  -  $10.95 per set




  50 Piece Bristle Brush Set

  These bristle brushes are inexpensive enough to throw away when finished, saving time and messy cleanup.

  Ideal for all painting chores. The set is packaged for economy and value.

  The  50 piece set includes   5 - 1/2" brushes, 20 - 1" brushes, 15 - 2" brushes, and 10 - 3" brushes.

   Stock # - D2025  -  $19.95 per set




   50 Piece Foam Brush Set

   This 50 piece set of disposable foam brushes are ideal for all water and oil based stains and finishes.

   Each brush features a wooden handle and a plastic stiffener for great control.

   This 50 piece set includes 20 - 1" brushes, 20 - 2" brushes, and 10 - 3" brushes.

     Stock # - D2024  -  $13.95 per set



150 piece  -  Mega Brush Set

Stock #D3105 - $32.95  (Almost a $10 savings) 

50 Bristle Brushes, 50 Foam Brushes, 50 Glue Brushes


  50-Piece 3/4" Foam Brush Set with Wooden Handles

Great for detailing and small touch-up work. These 3/4" wide Foam Brushes have wooden handles and a plastic stiffener for    great    control.   - - -  Set contains 50 - 3/4" wide Foam Brushes.

 Stock # D3247  -  $9.95 per set

     12 Piece Brass Brush Set

    These brushes clean crevices and corners that the softer nylon won't touch.

    Wire bristles are so aggressive they're ideal for cleaning steel    parts and machinery.

    Each brush is about 7" long and 3/8" wide with plastic handles.

    Stock # - D2481  -  $7.95 per set




   12 Piece Nylon Brush Set

These nylon bristle brushes are soft enough so they won't scratch most surfaces, but stiff enough to         effectively knock loose grit and grime.

Each brush is about 7" long and 3/8" wide, with plastic handles.

 Stock # - D2480  -  $6.95 per set


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