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We stock many Scroll Saw Pattern Books. Below is a picture of each cover and the price.  If you have a question about a book give us a call, we are here to help.

All the pictures below are thumbnails. To see a larger picture just click on the book of your choice. Then click your browsers back button to return to this page.  

New Release Books Are At The Bottom of the Page !!!


Click Here To See Our Pattern Book Specials

These first few books have all been listed as Out Of Print by the publisher. We can no longer order more copies, once they are gone they are gone forever. There are some great books in this list. If you have been checking any of them out in the past now is the time to purchase it before they are gone forever.

BK170b.jpg (60719 bytes) BK176b.jpg (68472 bytes) BK256b.jpg (76950 bytes) Copy of BK284b.jpg (80579 bytes) BK321.jpg (80245 bytes)
#BK170 - $14.95

Fineline #1 Scroll Saw Fretwork

This Book is Now Out Of Print

Only 1 Copy Left

#BK176 - $14.95

Fineline #7 Circus and Clowns

This Book is Now Out Of Print

Only 1 Copy Left

#BK256 - $9.95

On Sale - $7.45 - Save 25%

Scroll Saw Mosaics

#BK284 - $12.95

On Sale - $9.70 - Save 25%

Country Mosaics For Scrollers & Crafters

#BK321 - $19.95

On Sale - $14.96 - Save 25%

Custom Wooden Music Boxes for the SS

BK116b1.jpg (55734 bytes) BK169b.jpg (60498 bytes) BK186b.jpg (60898 bytes) BK200b.jpg (53081 bytes) BK203b.jpg (61081 bytes)
#BK116 - $9.95

Scroll Saw Basket Weave

#BK169 - $19.95

Easy to Make Wooden Intarsia

3rd Edition

#BK186 - $14.95

Small Intarsia

#BK200 - $14.95

Intarsia - Artistry in Wood

#BK203 - $12.95

Multi-Use Collapsible Basket Patterns

BK214b.jpg (72473 bytes) BK219b.jpg (45771 bytes) BK227b.jpg (60060 bytes) BK230b.jpg (83656 bytes) BK231b.jpg (45331 bytes)
#BK214 - $12.95

Scroll Saw Land, Sea & Air

#BK219 - $9.95

On Sale - $7.45 - Save 25%

Simple Clocks for the Scroll Saw

#BK227 - $14.95

Scroll Saw Relief

#BK230 - Out Of Stock

Fineline #9 Dog breeds

#BK231 - Out Of Stock

Scroll Saw Art Puzzles

BK251b.jpg (57034 bytes)  bk263.jpg (56106 bytes) bk266a.jpg (90632 bytes) bk2671.jpg (69782 bytes) bk278.jpg (72314 bytes)
BK251 - $14.95

3D Patterns for the Scroll Saw

#BK263 - $9.95

Scroll Saw Police & Rescue Patterns

#BK266 - $12.95

North American Wildlife Patterns for the SS

#BK267 - $12.95

World Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw

#BK278 - $14.95

Compound Christmas Ornaments for the Scroll Saw

bk2681.jpg (58105 bytes) bk2691.jpg (82391 bytes) BK285b.jpg (63372 bytes) BK286b.jpg (87792 bytes) BK289b.jpg (79255 bytes)
#BK268 - $14.95

Compound Scroll Saw Creations

#BK269 - $12.95

Marine Life Patterns for the SS

#BK285 - $14.95

Wooden Chess Set You Can Make

#BK286 - $12.95

Seashore & Nautical Patterns For The Scroll Saw

#BK289 - $14.95

Intarsia Workbook

bk297.jpg (78221 bytes) bk299.jpg (79515 bytes) bk300.jpg (71106 bytes) bk301.jpg (82689 bytes) bk318.jpg (81195 bytes)
#BK297 - $17.95

Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw

#BK299 - $19.95

Artistic Wildlife Projects for the Scroll Saw

#BK300 - $14.95

Words of Faith In Wood

#BK301 - $12.95

Making Wooden Baskets on Your Scroll Saw - 2nd Edition

#BK318 - $16.95

Miniature Wooden Clocks for the Scroll Saw

bk319.jpg (74783 bytes) bk320.jpg (73847 bytes) BK322.jpg (71688 bytes) BK324.jpg (73785 bytes) BK325.jpg (98276 bytes)
#BK319 - $16.95

On Sale - $12.70 - Save 25%

Scenes of North American Wildlife for the Scroll Saw

#BK320 - $19.95

Wildlife Intarsia

#BK322 - $16.95

Wildlife Collector Plates for the SS

#BK324 - $17.95

Box Making Projects for the SS

#BK325 - $17.95

Animal Portraits In Wood

BK333.jpg (90051 bytes) BK334.jpg (109591 bytes) bk336.jpg (88567 bytes) BK337.jpg (112112 bytes)
#BK333 - $19.95

The Complete Guide to Making Wooden Clocks

#BK334 - $22.95

Great Book of Celtic Patterns

#BK336 - $19.95

Intarsia Woodworking Projects

Great New Book by Kathy Wise

Full Size Pattern Packet Included - No Need to Enlarge, A Very Good Book

#BK337 - $14.95

Wildlife Portraits In Wood

BK338.jpg (72452 bytes) bk339.jpg (73579 bytes) BK340.jpg (80095 bytes) BK341.jpg (106303 bytes) BK343.jpg (109319 bytes)
#BK338 - $17.95

Zodiac Puzzles for Scroll Saw Woodworking

#BK339 - Out Of Stock

Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw

2nd Edition - Revised & Expanded

Now With 50 Projects

#BK340 - $17.95

Wooden Puzzles

31 Projects & Patterns


#BK341 - $24.95

Wooden Clocks

31 Projects & Patterns


#BK343 - $19.95

Wooden Boxes

BK344.jpg (80541 bytes) BK345.jpg (71428 bytes) BK346.jpg (54846 bytes) BK347.jpg (75281 bytes) BK348.jpg (92738 bytes)
#BK344 - $19.95

300 Christian & Inspirational Patterns for Scroll Saw Woodworking

2nd Edition - Revised & Expanded

#BK345 - $24.95

Big Book Of Scroll Saw Woodworking

#BK346 - $19.95

Wooden Bowls From The Scroll Saw

#BK347 - $19.95

Intarsia - Woodworking For Beginners

#BK348 - $19.95

Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop, & Fly

(Great Book but will require more tools than just a scroll saw and a drill. Kids will love these projects)

BK349.jpg (63025 bytes) BK350.jpg (86287 bytes) BK351.jpg (115425 bytes) bk359.jpg (155270 bytes) bk360.jpg (155074 bytes)
#BK349 - Out Of Stock

Simply Wood

A great new book that has a fresh & different take on scroll saw patterns. Some really unique ideas

Great Book !!!

#BK350 - $19.95

Making Wooden Chess Sets

Patterns for unique chess sets plus--- chessboard, storage box, travel chess set, & a vertical chess set.

#BK351 - $14.95

Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

An in-depth how to book on making jigsaw puzzles - 6"x9" 104 pages


#BK359 - $19.95

Wildlife Projects

28 Projects & Patterns


#BK360 - $24.95

Big Book Of Intarsia Woodworking

37 Projects & Expert Techniques for Segmentation & Intarsia

bk361.jpg (172610 bytes) bk362.jpg (229136 bytes) bk363.jpg (89307 bytes) bk364.jpg (71079 bytes) bk365.jpg (87406 bytes)
#BK361 - $19.95

Big Book Of Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

37 Great Projects & Patterns

#BK362 - $19.95

Wild & Wacky Birdhouses & Feeders

18 Creative & Colorful Projects That Add Fun To Your Backyard

#BK363 - $24.95

Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw

28 Useful & Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Projects

#BK364 - $16.99

Scroll Saw Workbook

2nd Edition

Learn to use your Scroll Saw in 25 skill-building chapters

#BK365 - $16.99

Woodimals - Creative Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw

56 - Creative animal puzzle patterns, including:

Popular Pets, Farm Animals, Sea Creatures, Woodland Wildlife, American Classics, & Exotic Animals

bk366.jpg (73923 bytes) bk367a.jpg (124239 bytes)
#BK366 - $19.99

Fresh Designs for Woodworking

Stylish Scroll Saw Projects to Decorate Your Home

Beginner to Advanced Projects & Techniques

#BK367 - $16.99

Christmas Ornaments for Woodworking - Revised Edition

300 Designs - 120 pages

Below is a Great New Series of Easy To Build Toy Pattern Books from Toymaker Press

All Toymaker Press patterns are easy to build and use common tools including a scroll saw, table saw, sandpaper and a drill. And use easy to find building materials such as pine, poplar or birch. Use of non toxic stain or paint is recommended to finish the projects.

The hardcover books have a durable, high gloss laminated hard cover with an additional printed protective cover wrap.  The hard cover allows you to stand the book on end while you're working.

The pages are made of the highest quality coated paper and are sewn, not glued together. These books are printed on recyclable paper with non-toxic soy inks.

bk352.jpg (117262 bytes) bk353.jpg (100989 bytes) bk354.jpg (105117 bytes) bk355.jpg (84842 bytes) bk356.jpg (92240 bytes)
#BK352 - $19.95

Scroll Saw Patterns for Toy Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures

Hardback - 25 Full Size Patterns & how-to's - Full Color

#BK353 - $18.95

Build Toy Airplanes

Hardback - Full Size Patterns for 10 easy to make airplanes  - Full Color

#BK354 - $18.95

Hardback -  Complete Full Size Patterns for10 Easy to build designs for Toy Tug Boat, Pirate Ship, Power Boat, Police Boat, Coast Guard Cutter, Sail Boat, Party Barge & more - black & white

#BK355 - $19.95

Wood Toy Cars and Trucks

Hardback - 20 Easy To Build Full Size Plan Sets - Full Color

#BK356 - $18.95

Toy Dragons, Knights & Fair Maidens

Hardback - Easy to Follow Full Size Pattern Sets - Full Color

bk358.jpg (104723 bytes)
#BK358 - $17.95

Toddler's Toy Townhouse Play Set - Wood Toy Patterns

Hardback - Full Color - Complete Full Size Plans for Over 20 Original  Wood Toys - Includes a Toy Townhouse, carport, little people, pup, sport cars, trees, shrubs, and a houseful of furniture even has Gas Station Plans



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