It will be underwhelming to have a lush and beautiful garden, yet you don’t get to enjoy its view when it gets dark. Evenings give your garden a subtle ambiance, but wouldn’t you want to enhance this ambiance and make your outdoor space a captivating sight?

To achieve this, using garden solar lights is one way to illuminate your garden and give it the right ambiance. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t overlight your garden or outdoor space to achieve ambient lighting. Doing this will rob your garden of that mystical aura, ambiance, and setting.

This article will discuss how you can achieve ambient wood log lighting in your garden and your outdoor space generally.

There are many options for ambient solar lighting, but the most commonly used ones are as discussed below.

Solar Floodlight on a Wood Log

solar light on wood log

This light is a flexible spotlight attached to a wood log that channels its light beam via reflectors towards a single direction. They are usually used for outdoor accent lighting. They have multiple applications as well. They can be used to light up an outdoor wall, highlight trees, shrubs, or garden beds.

They are also functional lights as well. For instance, they can be set up against a wall alongside a motion detector. The targeted light beam from your floodlight can draw more attention to the foliage or trunk of those lovely trees in your garden. The singularity of light direction coupled with the rough indents on the tree bark creates shadow effects.

Ground Spots

This lighting shares a similarity with floodlights because they can both be used to highlight shrubs, trees, and walls. However, the difference is that you can step over them, and they blend in during the day. Also, they are fixed lights, and you cannot adjust or move them after installation. Alternatively, you can cut flat wood logs, integrate the solar ground spots and place the lights where you like them.

Their light beam is usually targeted upwards. Ground spots with a strong light emission should be placed close to a tree or wall. Not doing this means the light beam will be pointed at nothing, in particular, making it useless.

To achieve accent lighting with ground spots, ensure that they are installed near the object to illuminate. They can also be used as orientation lighting for passersby and demarcation aids.

Garden Solar Pole Lights

They are long and vertical structures with the light source positioned on top. They are the perfect option for lighting up your patio or garden paths and simultaneously marking them off. They can also be positioned between your garden beds or beside shrubs.

Garden pole lighting has several variations. For example, garden poles with spotlights channel their light in a single direction. Then, there are garden poles that spread their light in every direction. An excellent example of the latter is the PSM Lighting Avenue.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are very versatile because they can be set up around your home for different purposes or uses. For example, floodlights or halogen spotlights can be placed on the wall as functional lighting.

For mood or ambient lighting, wall lamps with diffuse lighting are used. A notable wall lamp with a light diffuser is the Flos Romeo Outdoor.

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