At Wood & Work classes, we encourage you to take our woodworking courses in a fun way. This invaluable skill is a must for every individual.

Our humble beginnings go back to a time when we first began selling wood products. Although we managed to sell a couple of those products via stores across the country successfully, we realized that there is more to the initiative than the sale of wooden handicrafts. After a series of ups and downs, we eventually started to gather as many individuals as possible who want to learn about the delicate art of woodworking. This sudden inclusion of workshop training stemmed from our belief that everyone must enjoyably learn the basics of carpentry.

The establishment of Wood & Work also resulted from our founders’ enthusiastic pursuit for sustainable craftsmanship in woodworking. With this ultimate goal in mind, our forerunners embarked on a journey to commission many creative experts who possess an unrivaled passion for woodwork.

We show our dedication to woodcarving by our selection and use of a wide range of wood species in each art that we produce. Additionally, we instill life into our works as showcased on the external designs. Through our reliable sources and partnership with various associations, we can acquire redwood and other essential materials for our marquetry.

Today, we are renowned as a solid community of designers and artisans with innovative minds. People from different walks of life are more than welcome to visit our workshop when they have the time.