How to Make a Water Filter out of Sapwood

Processing water to ensure it is safe to drink is typically done by local authorities long before we turn on our taps at home. Even then, many people choose to use an additional water filter to attain the purest quality. So, what happens when there is no clean tap water nearby, for example, in a wilderness survival situation? An easy and effective solution is to build yourself a makeshift water filter using wood.
You don’t need much: a piece of sapwood, a plastic tube, and a clamp or fastening.
Building Your Filter
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How to Make a Wooden Fidget Cube

When you think of a fidget cube, the two basic production materials that come to mind are plastic and silicon. Wood may not be the best material for mass-producing fidget toys, but it does not hurt to add a wooden fidget cube to your collection of fidget cubes. Unlike Fidget spinners, fidget cubes are less of a distraction and help your kid focus on what the teacher is explaining in class. However, fidget spinners are easier to make compared to fidget cubes. Discover how to make a wooden fidget cube by following the steps discussed in …

Top Essential Home Improvement Tools

Before you become too excited about your first woodworking project and get your hands dirty, make sure you already have the essential tools in place. Skim through the tips below in case you do not know what tools to use for beginner projects. Moreover, refer to the user manual that comes with each tool.
Power Drill

Best Pieces of Advice on Woodworking for Starters

Any aspiring beginner may find it hard to get started doing woodwork, but there is no need to worry. The following pieces of advice are handpicked as the best tips for newcomers to the woodworking field.
Simplify Your Workspace Layout
For beginners, it is always best to start on a smaller scale and apply a simple workflow. Have a separate space in your home for your woodworking materials and tools. Even with just a makeshift workshop table, a couple of sawhorses, several newly bought wood pieces, and other basic tools, you can kickstart your first woodwork project.
Familiarize Wood Types and Dimensions

How to Make a Blanket Ladder

Nothing feels more satisfying than having made at least one do-it-yourself (DIY) household article and found it useful every day. In this beginner woodworking project, you will learn the following steps on crafting your blanket ladder.
Before you get started, the materials you need are two pieces of 2×3 lumber at 8 feet, a few 1 1/4″ (1.25-inch) round wood dowels at 6.5 feet, a 1 1/4″ spade drill bit, a masking tape or painter’s tape, wood glue, and wood stain that should complement the interiors. The tools that you must use are one measuring tape, a miter saw a speed square, a power drill, and a mallet hammer…