Whenever you feel like taking your carpentry skills to a higher level, try making a coffee table from the ground up with the help of our workshop designed specifically for this craft. Doing the said handiwork is a more affordable and practical option compared to buying a brand new coffee table at your nearest showroom.

This module lasts approximately six hours, but partakers should not worry because they will get refreshed with food and drinks on site. The allowed toolset for this masterclass consists of a chop saw and table saw, wood glue, a planer, a router table, and a few articles for sanding and oiling.

In this session, you are initially provided with a handpicked choice of walnut and reclaimed redwood. You then adhere the pieces together using wood glue. Afterward, you make use of the planer as well as the table and chop saws, smoothen the tabletop through hand-sand, and apply oil finish on the entire product.

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