Come on and join our wood cutting and sanding workshop to learn more about many different power tools that are used mostly in woodworking. If you do not mind having your hands dirty and becoming covered in sawdust, this is the best workshop to partake.

Most of the time, the session takes between two and three hours. Tools that are available for use are a chop saw, a drill press, some hand tools, and a router table.

This masterclass starts by having participants pick out any portion of hardwood, but the walnut board is the highly recommended piece. Once entrants have picked out their board, they cut it on the chop saw according to the specified size and make a few decorative touches. The last few steps involve sanding the surface to make it smooth and, most importantly, adding engravings with the aid of wood burners.

The best part of this module is the chance to make some friends during the conclusion.

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