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WeldBond Universal Adhesive

We have been using this glue for almost 25 years in our shop on all our projects and we love it. We have told countless  people over the years about it and where to buy it (Home Depot), now they also love it. Well, Home Depot stopped selling it, for some strange reason. Everyone started calling us asking where they can buy it now. We decided it was time for us to start selling this great glue. 15 years later we still sell it.

WeldBond is a power-packed adhesive that bonds most anything. WeldBond is universal, that means it works fast to permanently join many products to themselves as well as to each other. Take a look at what WeldBond can virtually weld together: cardboard, china, cork, fabrics, foam plastic, furniture, leather, marble, paper, plastic laminates, plywood, rope, slate, stone, veneers, cement, concrete, bricks, plaster, metal, glass, wood, tiles, building panels, and much much more. We also use it to bond our acrylic sheets to wood with great results.

With WeldBond, the joint is stronger than the wood. WeldBond contains no fillers and is up to 3 to 4 times thicker than other wood glues. Tack is developed very rapidly, yet it's still possible to adjust the assembly into final position without difficulty. No heavy clamping is involved. In most cases, hand pressure is enough to give a flexible bond of enormous strength. All glue lines & drips can be removed up to 20 minutes after gluing, by washing thoroughly with warm water. Let dry, then stain or clear coat for a uniform finish. Unlike most yellow wood glues that may leave a stain where it runs or drips. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and dries crystal clear. It's flexible and completely weatherproof, too. Highly water-resistant,  It's non-staining and will not become brittle with age. Water clean-up.

Must Be Protected From Freezing

We Stock WeldBond in Three Sizes  -  4, 8, & 21 ounce Bottles

Stock # Description Price
#WB-4 4 ounce Bottle Out Of Stock
#WB-8 8 ounce Bottle Out Of Stock
#WB-21 21 ounce Bottle Out Of Stock

                          Give Weldbond A Try  - - - -  We Think You Will Really Like It


Removable Adhesive Paper

Do You Love to Scroll but... Hate Scraping Off The Pattern?

Then you need to try our Removable Adhesive Paper

Make a copy of your pattern on Our Removable Adhesive Paper, Peel off the paper backing, Place it on your wood or other scrolling material, Cut out the pattern, Then Simply Peel the paper off. No spray glues, No scraping, no paint thinner, no mess, no problems. It works great in copiers & laser or inkjet printers.

Like all other adhesives it does gain strength with age, depending on the material your scrolling it could be a little more difficult to remove after sitting for several days

Each sheet measures 8" x 11"

Because You Requested Larger Packs  -  We Now Stock  250 Sheets Packs

Stock # Description Cost
# AP10 10 Sheets Removable Adhesive Paper $ 3.95
# AP25 25 Sheets Removable Adhesive Paper $ 9.50
# AP100 100 Sheets Removable Adhesive Paper $30.00
# AP250 250 Sheets Removable Adhesive Paper $65.00



  Stretch Wrap


This is the same wrap we wrap all your orders with. It forms to any shape and only sticks to itself. This wrap works great for clamping when your gluing irregular shapes. You can put a little tension or a lot of tension when wrapping something, just stretch it tighter. You can keep your thin wood wrapped together at all times to help stop it from warping. It has many uses around the house or shop. Works great when your moving, wrap the drawers shut and they don't slide out while your moving them. We have found hundreds of uses for it. The wrap is a heavy duty 120 gauge and the rolls are 3 inches wide & 700 foot long.

Handles are now in stock - They make it much easier to use and to wrap your items.

Single Roll    Stock #  WRAP     -     $ 6.95 per roll

Handle not included !!!

Need a handle for the single rolls of wrap?   We now have them in stock

Handle Only    Stock #  WRAP-H     -    $1.95 each



 12" Fret Saw Frame

This 12" deep - Solid Steel - Flat Wire Frame works excellent for detailed scroll work & marquetry. It is well balanced and the rigid wire frame keeps the blade taut for pull or down stroke sawing. The handle can be folded between frame ends for storage. It will accept all 5 inch pin-less blades.

Stock # FSF-1  -  $19.95

Small Brass Plated Screws


Below is a chart showing the sizes and types of screws we stock

Stock # Description Type Cost per pack of 100 Cost per pack of 1000
# F1101 # 2 x 1/8" Round Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1102 # 2 x 1/4" Round Head Brass Plated Out of Stock Out of Stock
# F1105 # 2 x 1/2" Round Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1108  # 3 x 1/4" Round Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1203 # 4 x 3/8" Pan Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1206 # 4 x 1/2" Pan Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1400 # 2 x 3/8" Flat Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1401 # 2 x 1/2" Flat Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1402 # 3 x 1/4" Flat Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50
# F1405 # 3 x 3/8" Flat Head Brass Plated $2.95 $23.50


Wire Nails  - #18 Wire Gauge

These wire nails are #18 wire gauge. They are sold in a three ounce pack or one pound pack.

These are Nails not Brads they have flat heads on them

Stock # Description Cost
# N38 3 ounces  -  3/8" Wire Nails $1.45
# N38-LB 1 pound  -  3/8" Wire Nails $5.95

Picture Hangers & Turn Buttons

  Stock # Description 10 pack 100 pack
H-107 Zinc Plated Ring Hanger 1/2"x1" mounting screws are not included 75 $5.95



Small Saw Tooth Hanger Zinc Plated 5/16"x1 7/8" - 3/8" nails are included 95 $5.95



Large Saw Tooth Hanger Zinc Plated 1/4"x3" - 1/2" nails are included 95 $6.95
TB-2   Large

TB-5   Small

Large Brass Plated Turn Button 1" long with #3x3/8" brass plated screw

Small Brass Plated Turn Button 5/8" long with #2x1/4" brass plated screw







Scratch Awl

It's hard to beat the precision of a Scratch Awl. The point fits right against your layout tool, and the resulting line is sharper than a pencil line. It's also great for centering holes for hinges and other precision drilling. A comfortable Hardwood Handle makes this Scratch Awl easy to use in any position.   Measures 6 5/8" overall.


Stock #  -  D3833  -  $8.95





Denim Shop Apron

Our shop apron is long lasting and is made of 12 oz dark blue denim.

It features breast and waist pockets. One size fits all with this 28"x36" apron.

Keeps the stain, paint, & glue off your clothes

Stock # - APRON - $9.95 each

Machine Squares

Our 2" Square is just the right size to fit under the top arm of your scroll saw.

Keeps your blades square with your table.  A must when stack cutting !!!

Stock # - SQ2   -   $5.95 each

The 6" Square works great for 90 Degree layout and is perfect for machine set-up.

 Stock # - SQ6   -   $9.95 each


Rubber Shop Pads

These premium quality neoprene rubber work pads are indispensable for routing, sanding, protecting tools, lining drawers, dampening vibration, and more. These pads last 10 times as long as the cheap woven pads, and they work 10 times better as well.

All pads are 24" wide 36" long and 1/8" thick and are available in three colors: tan, gray and black

  Stock # Description Cost Each
W1320 Router Pad - Tan Out Of Stock

Discontinued by Manufacture

W1321 Sanding Pad - Gray $12.95
W1322 Anti-Vibration Pad - Black $12.95


Small Shop Tools

  Stock # Description Cost Each



Replacement Sanding Sleeves for this item are sold on another page

Click This Link To Go There

16-pc Drum Sanding Kit

This 16-Piece Drum Sanding Kit includes 1/2", 3/4", 1" & 1-1/2" diameter by 2" long - rubber drums with 1/4" spindles and three medium grit sanding sleeves each. Ideal for use with drill presses and power hand drills for smoothing inside and outside curved edges. Extra long drums for working wider edges.


  • 1/2" Diameter

  • 3/4" Diameter

  • 1" Diameter

  • 1-1/2" Diameter

  • 2" Long

  • 1/4" Shank

  • Medium Grit Sleeves



3-in-1 Stapler Kit

This 3-in-1 stapler shoots 3/8" standard crown staples, 1/4" U-shaped crown staples and T-brads. It has an adjustable driving force and it is very easy to reload.

Accepts 3/16 to 9/16" long 3/8" crown staples. Accepts 3/8" to 1/2" long 1/4" U-shaped staples. Accepts 3/8" to 9/16" long T-brads. 

Includes 500 Each - - 3/8" T-Brads, 1/2" long U-Shaped Staples &  5/16"long 3/8" Crown Staples. Also includes a plastic storage case.

This Item has been Discontinued by the Manufacture


3/8" Standard Crown Staples

Box of 1000 Staples

3/8" Crown - 5/16 long

Fits D3737 Stapler



1/4" U-Shape Staples

Box of 1000 Staples

1/4" Crown - 1/2" Long

Fits D3737 Stapler





Dramatically increase the life of your sanding belts & discs with our High Quality Pro-Stik Abrasive Belt Cleaner. Simply press the cleaner lightly against moving sanding belts & discs to remove clogged-up pitch and sawdust.

The Pro-Stik will pay for itself over and over again with the money you save not having to buy new sanding belts and discs all the time.

#W1306 - Measures -1"x1"x 8"

#W1307 - Measures  - 2"x 2"x 12"  




$ 14.95


5 piece Rotary Rasp Set

This Rotary Rasp Set features five different shaping profiles to remove wood quickly with aggressive cutting teeth.  -  1/4" Shanks



Heavy Duty Blow Gun with a 12" Nozzle

This Heavy-Duty Blow Gun features solid die-cast construction and is rated at 180 max PSI. 1/4" NPT. It has a 12" long nozzle that will easily reach into small areas. I use one all the time when blowing sawdust from inside all our saws and sanders.



Band Clamp

This 15' Band Clamp applies even clamping pressure all the way around difficult to clamp items. One inch wide nylon webbing & ratchet mechanism apply plenty of clamping pressure. Great for picture frames !!!





15-pc Electronic Screwdriver Set

For precision assembly work, this 15 piece set features, long slender handles with swivel heads for ultimate reach and control. Packaged in a plastic see-thru case.

15 Piece Set Includes:

1/16", 5/64", 3/32" hex keys

1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" sockets

.054", .070", .094", .118" straight screwdrivers

#00, #0, #1 Phillips screwdrivers

Plus a Plastic See-Thru Storage Case



Pocket Oiler

Just squeeze & you'll get the right amount of  lightweight oil with rust inhibitors. Will dispense one drop at a time. Great for all bearings on router bits, scroll saws, etc...



4-oz Cross Peen Hammer

This well balanced 4oz cross peen hammer has a hickory handle and is perfect for driving small nails, brads, & tacks. Narrow cross peen face allows starting brads, etc.. while holding between thumb and forefinger. The opposite round face drives it home.

#D4069 6 - Piece

3" Spring Clamp Set

These spring clamps are unbeatable for securing glue joints, clamping jigs, holding down tarps, or   hundreds of other shop chores. Handles are contoured for comfort & control. Non-marring jaws pivot to increase their grip on uneven surfaces. Tough polymer construction.

Clamps are about 9" long

Jaws open 3" wide & are 3" deep


#D3628 16 piece Mini Clamp Set

with Storage Case

Ideal for small clamping & hobby needs, 16pc Mini Clamp Set includes:

eight 1" spring clamps

two 1 1/2" spring clamps

two 4" quick release bar clamps

one 1 5/8" C-clamp

one 1 1/8" C-clamp

one 3/4" C-clamp &

one C-clamp magnetic base

Each clamp is organized in a fitted plastic storage case


# D3096

Feather Board

Reduces the risk of kick-back & achieve consistent results. Designed to lock into standard 3/8"x3/4" miter gauge slots. Adjustable for various stock widths & miter slot locations



150-pc Rotary Tool Kit

Anyone that owns a rotary tool will appreciate this huge selection of cutting, grinding, sanding, & polishing accessories. Includes plenty of mini burrs, cutting discs, buffing pads, wire brushes & grinding stones as well as arbors, collets, drill bits, & mini drum sanders. Each item is neatly organized in a tilt-out carrying case



Double Lens Head Magnifier

Lightweight, plastic lens, Velcro closure of headband, Works with all glasses, up to 4.8x power, an inexpensive alternative to the more costly type




# D2473

Diamond Pocket File - 400 grit

It's the perfect sharpening tool for radius carbide tipped router bits, shaper cutters and steel carving gouges. Also works great on fishing hooks with it's special fish hook groove. Includes vinyl storage pouch.






# D1123

Knife Sharpener

Sharpen planer and joiner knives without removing them from the cutterheads. Features two 400 grit stones, a flat for bevels, and a diagonal for flat edges. Each stone has four surfaces, which can be adjusted to provide a fresh sharpening surface


# D2489


5-piece Carving Chisel Set

 These Carving Chisels are designed to be used by hand pressure alone. Ergonomic handles have no-slip thumb and forefinger grips Set includes 1/4" straight, 1/4" skew, 1/8" vee, 1/8" gouge & 1/4" gouge. 5 3/4" long



Push Blocks

Our push blocks are constructed of high-impact molded plastic with natural rubber friction pads that grip the work piece firmly. 

Bright safety-orange color makes easy to find and reminds woodworkers that safety comes first !!!

                  Small Push Block  -  Stock # - W1400  -  $4.95 each

Large Push Block  -  Stock # - W1401  -  $9.95 each



   Push Stick 

 This essential safety item keeps hands a safe distance from blades and cutters while still maintaining control of the workpiece against machine faces. A true necessity when running narrow stock. Durable handle is designed for maximum control. Measures 13 " overall. Super Ergonomic Design !!!

 Stock #  -  D3122  -  $9.95 each


Shop Fox  5-pc Safety Kit

This safety kit has five essential jigs for increased safe table saw operation. It includes two push blocks, a push stick, a featherboard and a combination saw and router gauge to set the height of table saw blades and the depth of cuts on router bits. The adjustable featherboard fits standard 3/8"x3/4" miter slots. All pieces except the gauge are Made of High Visibility Yellow Plastic.

Stock # - D4061  -  $21.95



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