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Olson Scroll Sanders

Sands narrow internal cuts - Removes bumps, burn marks, gouges, and feathering - Corrects wandering from cutting lines, reaches into intersections, curves, convex or concave edges - Designed for both pin-end and pin-less scroll saws - As easy to attach and remove as a blade.

The holders are made of durable polycarbonate plastic & the sandpaper is backed with belt sander fabric, it's very strong but flexible. These sanders can be switched from end to end to allow the upper portion of the sander to be used.

We stock Scroll Sanders in two widths 1/4" & 1/2"

Scroll Sanders Will Fit Most Saws

Scroll Sanders will not fit Reliant Scroll Saws or RBI Scroll Saws.

DeWalt & Excalibur Scroll Saws will only accept the 1/4" sanders unless you want to drill the table hole larger. 

They come 4 sanders to the pack and you can get an assorted grit pack or the same grit pack, see chart below. Pin-Less sanders fit like Plain End blades and Pin-End sanders fit like Pinned Blades.

Convert Your Scroll Saw Into A Power Sander !!!


Olson Scroll Sanders - Only $6.95 for each 4 pack

Stock #


Stock #


Width Grit
#SS14ASPL #SS14ASPE 1/4" Assorted 4-pack Includes:  2each - 120 & 1each - 180, 220
#SS14120PL #SS14120PE 1/4" 4-pack - 120 grit
#SS14180PL #SS14180PE 1/4" 4-pack - 180 grit
#SS14220PL #SS14220PE 1/4" 4-pack - 220 grit
#SS12ASPL #SS12ASPE 1/2" Assorted 4-pack Includes:  1each - 80, 120, 180, 220
#SS1280PL #SS1280PE 1/2" 4-pack - 80 grit
#SS12120PL #SS12120PE 1/2" 4-pack - 120 grit
#SS12180PL #SS12180PE 1/2" 4-pack - 180 grit
#SS12220PL #SS12220PE 1/2" 4-pack - 220 grit



Olson Scroll Saw Files


Olson Scroll Saw Flies easily shape and sand complex contours and forms eliminating hand sanding. They can shape and sand hard and soft wood, plaster, greenware, soapstone and non-ferrous metals including copper and brass. They work in most scroll saws taking 5" pin less and pin end blades. Use them in a pin vise, craft knife handles, mini hack, jeweler and hand fret saws. Olson Scroll Saw Files have a tempered spring steel core coated with silicon carbide abrasive. Exceptional abrasion, strength & durability. Caution: Do not cut with the leading edge. Scroll saw files are for sanding and shaping, not aggressive cutting/sawing.

Use with light pressure. Let the abrasive do the work

Each Package Contains Two Files  -  Made In The USA !!!

Specifications:  Width - .156"   Thickness - .056"   Fine Finish

Stock # Description Cost Per Pack
# 42100 2-pack Pin Less Scroll Saw Files $ 5.95
# 42101 2-pack Pin End Scroll Saw Files $ 5.95

Turns Your Scroll Saw Into A Power Sander !!!



16-pc Drum Sanding Kit

  Stock # Description Cost Each

#D3292 16-pc Drum Sanding Kit

This 16-Piece Drum Sanding Kit includes ", ", 1" & 1" diameter by 2" long - rubber drums with " spindles and three medium grit sanding sleeves each. Ideal for use with drill presses and power hand drills for smoothing inside and outside curved edges. Extra long drums for working wider edges.


  • " Diameter

  • " Diameter

  • 1" Diameter

  • 1" Diameter

  • 2" Long

  • " Shank

  • Medium Grit Sleeves

$ 14.95


Replacement Aluminum Oxide Sanding Sleeves

These rigid aluminum oxide sanding sleeves are for use with the drum sanding kit shown above.

Replacement sleeves are available in diameters of   ",  ",  1", & 1" and come in 60, 80, 100, 120, and 150 grits.

All sleeves are 2" longAll are sold in a 3-Pack of the same grit. 

See chart below for each items stock number

Replacement Aluminum Oxide Sanding Sleeves Sleeve Size

Diameter x Height

60 Grit 80 Grit 100 Grit 120 Grit 150 Grit Price per

3 pack

" x 2" #D1415 #D1416 #D1417 #D1418 #D1419 $3.85
" x 2" #D1435 #D1436 #D1437 #D1438 #D1439 $3.95
1" x 2" #D1450 #D1451 #D1452 #D1453 #D1454 $4.10
1" x 2" #D1465 #D1466 #D1467 #D1468 #D1469 $4.25




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